Towing Methods and the Differences Between Them

There is a wide variety of motor vehicles traveling on and off roads, all of them susceptible to mechanical failure or accidents which may leave them incapacitated and in need of tow. Even vehicles in perfect working order are sometimes towed rather than driven (for example, when a family relocates and want to have their vehicle delivered to their new place of residents).
Due to the infinite possible types of circumstances it is not surprising that there are several types of tow trucks and towing methods. Using the most befitting towing method in each specific case is of great importance.

Towing Methods

A car being loaded onto a flatbed tow truck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the following paragraphs you will find a summary of the different methods of towing currently in use along with a brief description of their relative advantages and disadvantages and the way these determine the circumstances in which each method becomes the most suitable one.

Types of Tow Trucks
There are several tow truck manufacturers and a wide range of models which differ greatly from each other, but still, tow trucks can still be divided into three basic types:
• Wheel lift tow trucks
• Hook and chain tow trucks
• Flatbed tow trucks

Tow trucks belonging of the wheel lift type use steel yokes which are hooked and secured under the back or front axles of the towed vehicle. Using hydraulic power (produced by a hydraulic pump driven by the tow truck’s engine) the yoke is raised and lifts the end under which it is attached clear off the ground. The towed vehicle remains with two of its wheels in contact with the road. This method of towing is also commonly referred to as “tow by dolly” or “dolly towing”.

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Steps on Bidding for Government Seized Cars for Sale


Government Seized Cars For Sale

Step-by-Step Process on Bidding for Seized Government Cars

The bidding process for government seized cars for sale can be quite stressful at first, especially if it is your first time bidding for properties at a public sale. But if you know the process beforehand, the entire procedure is relaxing and enjoyable.

To make your purchase of government seized cars less stressful, it is best to know how the bidding works by getting a glimpse of the process. The following steps will give you some ideas on what you will be going through during the auction.

Government Seized Cars For Sale 

 Step One

First and foremost, do your homework. First of all you need to decide what type of vehicle you want to buy. Is it a van, a sedan or a pick-up; make sure it is suitable to your needs and to your lifestyle. Aside from that, make a list of the auto brands of your choice. You might go for Toyota, Honda, Ford or GM. Don’t forget to also set your budget range. It must have a minimum and a maximum amount. This will serve as your guide during the bidding. Don’t go over the maximum limit to avoid financial problems later on.

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A Successful Blueprint For Police Auctions

Chicago Police Auction 1
Image by knorby via Flickr

So you’re at a stage that no one needs to convince you that there are bargains to be had at police vehicle auctions. Maybe the only thing you really still need is a good auction blueprint plan to follow which will turn your work into money saved. If you follow these next steps (4 phases) you will have started your successful journey to auction riches.

The Inspection

This can be pretty much described as a gift from the auctioneer – the chance to have a really good look at the vehicle. Make sure that you use it!! The purpose here is to have a closer look at particularly the engine (for mechanical issues) and structural integrity of the car as you won’t be allowed to test-drive it.

The VI number

Where most people get into trouble is when they overlook the fundementals. Without any significant monetary outlay you’ll be able to obtain a basic report on the ‘life’ and history of the car, using its VI number. This report provides valuable insights into the cars’ history and can ultimately be a dealbreaker for you in deciding on whether to bid on a vehicle at police auctions or not

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A Few Tips To Follow When Buying A Vehicle From A Wholesale Car Auction

Wholesale Car Auctions Can Be A Great Saving

The car dealership will purchase a car from a wholesale car auction at a bargain and then hike up the price once they get it to the dealership.

The prices are based on the prices in the Kelly Blue Book and the NADA Book. The NADA Book is usually used by dealers at auctions while the Kelly Blue Book is generally used by those looking to purchase a car. Using these guides, especially when buying at a wholesale auction, can really help you get a great deal. Here are a few tips to help you while shopping at a wholesale car auction.Wholesale Car Auction

Look For Public Auctions

Public auctions are open to the public. That means you are able to participate in the bidding. If you want to go in as a dealer you will need to get a dealer’s license. Public car auctions are advertised early in an effort to get as many people there as possible. If you want the best deals you should go to the dealer auctions. And while you will need a dealer’s license to get in, it will be well worth it with the amount of money you can save.

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Wholesale Car Auctions – How to Acquire the Best Deals

Auction floor

Basic Transporter via Flickr

If you are trying to get an extra special deal on a used vehicle, you need to find a way to get around the middleman and go right to the wholesale car auctions where the actual dealers pick up their cars.  Are you aware that used cars are in actual fact marked up around 200%? The fact is if you pay $5000 to buy a car the dealer actually paid less than two grand for the same car at an auction.

By excluding the middleman you personally get yourself an exceptional deal on a car without having to go through any of the irritation of dealing with a dealership. Many times a person might lose their job, and as a result of that they can’t keep up with their car payments so their car ends up getting repossessed. In this type of a situation the repossessed vehicle ends up on the auction block and gets sold. You can discover cars that are nearly brand-new with very low mileage as well as finding vehicles that were modified by the previous owners. We’re talking about cars with a price tag of anywhere from $10,000-$15,000 brand-new, and they sell at auction for less than $5000. There are a number of really amazing opportunities to pick up high-quality vehicles at wholesale car auctions. So if you’re in the market for a new car you should seriously contemplate checking one out.

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Driving Lessons That Every Truck Driver Must Know

A car differs from a truck in many ways. It is much bigger, much wider and much harder to handle. Proper training is required for this. This is no walk in the park. Without proper guidance, you may put other lives in danger. Worst case scenario? Killing yourself or other people. Before enrolling to the school, you must qualify for these factors:

English: Driver training, Enstone airfield, Ox...

 1.       Price

Consider the enrollment fee. Quality should always be equal to quantity. When it comes to a truck driving school you must be the ultimate decision maker. Not all truck driving schools are equal based on the enrollment fee alone. Large discounted pricing attracts a lot of people. Before enrolling, ask other students about financing, grants and how others pay for their class. Try canvassing and asking different kinds of schools about their price and other people about their quality. This will ensure  that your money will not go to waste.

2.       Location

Lazy? Then choose a driving school that’s near your home. You don’t have to drive for a thousand miles. Look for the nearest driving school to where you stay. Make a decision based on your advantage including the things you need.

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