The Great Rebellion of 2057

Many of the “facts” in this story are based on Legend and Myth as much of the history of the Motorcycle and it’s Culture was lost in the great rebellion of 2057.

Taken from a history book in the year 2095…

Motorcycles And The Culture They Inspire 1868-2017

Motorcycles started out as steam engines strapped on to bicycles in 1868. Soon after the gas engine took its place in the 1900’s there were Motorcycle shops and Dealers all over the World. For awhile, Motorcycle were simply used as transportation. In 1907, when Henry Fords, Ford Motor Company, released the Model-T at a price everyone could afford, the Motorcycle soon went from a necessity to a luxury item.

In the 1940’s, the Motorcycle Culture really took off. An organization called the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) held races and events all over the United States of America. In 1947, held an event in Hollister California. This event was attended by many of the AMA Racing Teams and Motorcycle Clubs. This event marks the beginning of the separation of Motorcyclists which eventually led to the end of Motorcycling in the year 2017.

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This post was written by LJ James on June 21, 2008