A Review of the New Prius

2000-2003 Toyota Prius photographed in USA.
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The ante will be raised when new Prius is released. The Prius fuel economy is the biggest feature.The Prius gets a 1.the displacement is up 0.3 liters.5L.The bigger engine and torque nets better gas mileage at highway speeds because the gearing is lower.Horsepower is now up from 110 to 160.

The 2010 Toyota Prius should get right about 50 MPG; which is up 4 MPG from its predecessor. Hyper milling techniques can net more than 75 MPG out of a Prius!  Nevertheless the improved fuel economy is due to the redesigned lighter stiffer body and power train, which has been reconfigured for less weight. Engine noise is toned down thanks to a stiffer chassis.

Steering has been enhanced via disc brakes and angling of the wheels. The new Prius comes stock with some great features such as: air, CD, and power everything. Some accessories available on the new Prius are a back-up camera, HID headlamps, gauge controls, and a nav system.

The battery recharging system has also been upgraded. The new Prius is at the top of the compact car class in regards to safety. The Prius has some safety traits like lane departure, parking assist, and a cruise control that keeps the same distance.

See the new Prius and a nice inventory of other hybrids at the Riverside County Toyota Dealer.  Or view an article at at Best New Autos on the Prius winning some awards.  The Prius has been named top green car for the past few years.  And why shouldn’t it.  The Prius gets great gas mileage which saves gas, in turn putting less strain on the environment.  Not to mention is is a low emissions vehicle.  The Prius is an honored car that does a great job of keeping its resale value.  So if you cannot afford to buy a brand new 2010 Prius, go ahead and look for a nice used model.  You will pay less, get a capable car, and even get a used car warranty if you buy a certified Toyota hybrid.

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