The Best Way To Buy Government Auction Cars

Government Auction Cars

The Best Way To Buy Government Auction Cars

The U.S. government is required to offer its used vehicles to the public through open auction which makes this a really good opportunity for anyone who takes the time and initiative to do a little research.  The U.S. General Services Administration is the federal agency clearing house for all federal vehicles and is responsible for auctioning when the federal agencies are finished with them.  Each federal agency turns their vehicles into the U.S. General Services Administration auction facility located nearest them and then U.S. General Services Administration personnel will then conduct the auction.

Government auction cars offered for auction through the U.S. General Services Administration are normally sold for a fraction of what they would be sold for if sold retail.  These vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and detailed and are considered drive ready.  The vehicles will normally be about two or three years old.  They will have been used for staff vehicles and will not be specialized vehicles or repossessed vehicles.

The vehicles will be sold “as is” with no guarantees and so should be inspected by potential buyers.  The auction facility staff will be happy to help and the government auction cars may be started, but may not be driven.  Since there is no mechanical guarantee, any potential buyer is strongly encouraged to do their own inspection of the engine, tires, battery and any other mechanical parts.

A buyer can check online at to see a listing of available vehicles at the various auction facilities nationwide.  This site includes some details about each vehicle as well as the date and time for the next auction at each facility.

When the buyer arrives at the government auction cars facility, they should register and preview the available vehicles.  The buyer will receive an inventory list of government auction cars to be sold and should use this list to inspect the vehicles.

If the buyer needs help with how to bid, they can ask auction facility staff and can practice bidding at a mock auction prior to the real sale.  This is important because bidding can be very fast and if the buyer is not familiar with the process, they may not get the vehicle they want.

There are no “buyer’s fees” and the U.S. General Services Administration auction facility staff typically accept credit cards, debit cards, cashier’s check and money order as form of payment.  The buyer can check with auction facility staff to see if there are any other types of payment accepted.   It is the buyer’s responsibility to get the purchased vehicle from the auction facility.

All federal agencies use and sell used vehicles, but the U.S. Border Patrol and the Department of Defence are the two largest sellers of government auction cars.  U.S. Border Patrol sells its vehicles mostly at U.S. General Services Administration auction facilities across the Southwest United States and the Department of Defence sells their used vehicles at U.S. General Services Administration auction facilities throughout the entire country.  Both federal agencies sell a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks and SUVs.

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