Finding Genuine Chevy Car Dealerships

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With shoppers flocking to showrooms, Chevy car dealers are generating money again and have begun sharpening the look in reception areas and hiring back workers. Some big car dealerships are even spending vast amounts snapping up independent dealers and smaller chains – an indication of renewed confidence in the marketplace!

The auto customers are rebuilding again from your historic downturn in America!

Now, rising car sales are improving allowing the surviving Chevy car dealerships to recoup. In the first 90 days of this year, In the US people bought more than 3 million vehicles, a 20% increase from the previous year as well as the equivalent of a seasonally adjusted annual pace greater than 13 million. That compares with annual sales of just 10.4 million inside the depths with the downturn back 2009, the worst for auto sales since 1970.

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This post was written by admin on August 1, 2011