Five Earth Friendly Reasons to Choose a Hybrid Vehicle

Hybrid owners are the most influential force in changing the current landscape for vehicle sales. While many consumers are not yet ready to make the leap from traditional vehicles to their hybrid relatives, citing the higher price as a determining factor. For others, incentives such as tax breaks and saving money on gas consumption are two of the main factors for getting a hybrid. However, the underlying reason for choosing a hybrid is that it is environmentally friendly. Here is how going green by buying a hybrid can benefit you and the planet:

1. Lower Emissions: Because hybrids rely on electricity for a portion of their power output, they get noticeably better gas mileage than their traditional counterparts. Using less gas results in less chemical emissions such as dioxide and nitrogen oxide. According to a recent study by the EPA, they emit 90% less fumes and other toxic elements into the air.

2. Gas Issues: It’s no secret that acquiring gas and oil has become a major problem worldwide. The prospect of adding more oil refineries sounds good in theory, but in actuality would only add to the amount of pollution in the air. Finding alternative sources for gas and oil is more difficult than it seems. If we as consumers can use less gas, we will ultimately depend less on other countries for it and it will lead in a decrease of our natural resources.

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Text messages could be used to stop stolen cars

Police could use text messages to switch off the engines of getaway cars.

They could be given the power to stop cars remotely as a result of trials being carried out by the Home Office.

It has asked for companies to come up with schemes for “vehicle stopping technology” which would enable officers to stop stolen and getaway cars.

The aim is to cut the number of high speed car chases, which have led to the deaths of officers and civilians.

“If new technology can help police stop vehicles more safely and more effectively then it is right that we look at all the options carefully,” the Home Office said.

“We have asked companies to propose possible electronic solutions and we will be in a position to say more once all the options have been properly tested and fully evaluated.”

According to Police Review, they could include “intelligent transport systems”, commercially available technology which enables owners to use a mobile phone to regain control of their cars when they are stolen.

This tracking system uses satellite navigation to locate a car, whose position is shown on a website. The car is also fitted with a receiver which can receive text messages.

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The Auto Industry Bail Out

I ask what is going on here in the USA?  I am not a financial genius and I could be wrong but this is the way I see it. First we bailed out the banks because they gave out too many bad loans. These people who are financial geniuses gave out loans to people who could not afford them, hoping things would get better and the people could pay their Bills. Basically what they did was gambling. Its like me going to Las Vegas betting over and over on red figuring it will come up eventually and when it never does and I lose all my Money. I then go and ask for all of it back plus more! The Banks who gave the Mortgages where given a bail out of around 600 Billion Dollars so they could stay in business. Now as I have read for around half of that the Government could have paid off all those bad loans and helped poor American Families keep their homes.  If all the bad loans where paid then would not that take care of all the Banks problems? Instead they gave super rich bankers who mad bad choices lots of Money so they can continue to make the same decisions that failed before and live their incredible lives that most of us can only dream about.

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Penny Pranks at Used Car Lot

Thought we could all do with a bit of a giggle. What next??

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Southern California Car Auctions – Your Best Bet In Car Auctions

Southern California car auctions are very popular in the United States. The cars are fairly cheap and you can have the best value for your money.

Buying a brand new car these days can be very expensive. If you are looking for something that looks brand new without the brand new price tag, you can find your best choice at car auctions in Southern California. Cars being offered for bidding at car auctions in Southern California have been taken by the Federal government, perhaps for failure to pay tax dues, or have been repossessed by the lender for non-payment of account. At car auctions like this, you can save 90% more than what you would otherwise pay when you buy through a car dealer.

Then again, you may be a bit concerned that being practically second-hand cars, cars being auctioned in Southern California are no longer in good condition. On the contrary, these cars are only slightly used and are in fact, working very well.

You can take a mechanic with you to examine the car because a mechanic can spot things an untrained eye often misses.

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Motorcycle Show In New York City

government seized motorcycles, motorcycle auctionsAs the cold Winter weather starts rolling in we bikers are still looking for fun things to do to fill up our weekends, we just start looking for stuff that’s indoors. After spending all those months riding its always hard when we have to leave our bikes at home, but hey what are the options? (Move down South? Not Me! I’m a New Yorker).

In January in New York City at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center there is always one of the best indoor Motorcycle events around. The Annual International Motorcycle Show presented by Toyota! I have attended this event for many years and it is always packed with more fun things to see and do than one can Squeeze into just three days.

Its always fun checking this event out while working for one Magazine or another. What difference does that make you may ask?  Well Checking out the newest makes of Motorcycles, Motorcycle Equipment, Products and gear, seeing old friends, making new friends and seeing Celebrities like Dee Snyder, The Ice cream Man from Hell, Billy Lane and many others is always a really great time! But when doing it while having Super Hot Magazine Models on your arm, well lets just say it adds something more to the event that you’re just going to have to trust me on!

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