Used Vehicle Insurance: Do Women Really Get Better Deals?

Used Vehicle Insurance


Used Vehicle Insurance


Used Vehicle Insurance : How Do Quotes Differ For Men And Women?






When it comes to used vehicle insurance you will often hear that women get better deals. But is this true or is it all a big myth? Well let me first say that all the evidence points toward women being better drivers than men. In fact, statistics show that women get into far less accidents than men. With that being said, of course women get better deals than their male counterparts.


Here’s the deal, if you have less accidents you are less of a risk to the car insurance company. Therefore they are more likely to give you a better deal. These days insurance companies actually put together special deals just for their women customers. Why? Well because women are just the safer bet when it comes to used vehicle insurance. But its not just about women being better drivers.


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This post was written by admin on May 5, 2013