Why There Will Be No Accidents in 2020??

Volvo are conducting a large field test with the aim of preventing any injury or accident in a Volvo by 2020.

There are around 100 Volvo’s that have currently been installed with this tech and it goes in and looks at how people monitor things.

The technology will monitor the drivers behaviour whilst driving and analyse how this changes depending on the situation. The tests called EuroFOT (Field Operational Tests) are being conducted as part of a wider project involving other research organisations.

There will be cameras inside the car that are able to measure head movement during the journey. The really good thing about the cameras is that they are being placed at the front and back to make sure every motion is captured.

“In order to move towards a crash-free future, we need to learn more about what kind of mistakes and situations that might lead to accidents,” says John-Fredrik Grönvall, senior Research engineer and leader of the Field Operational Tests (FOT) at Volvo Cars.

Sweden are one of the main places that are going to be doing this with over 150 vehicles being equipped with it all. It has also been said that over 275 vehicles in Europe are going to get a slightly less advanced equipment.

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This post was written by admin on January 11, 2014