Driving Lessons That Every Truck Driver Must Know

A car differs from a truck in many ways. It is much bigger, much wider and much harder to handle. Proper training is required for this. This is no walk in the park. Without proper guidance, you may put other lives in danger. Worst case scenario? Killing yourself or other people. Before enrolling to the school, you must qualify for these factors:

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 1.       Price

Consider the enrollment fee. Quality should always be equal to quantity. When it comes to a truck driving school you must be the ultimate decision maker. Not all truck driving schools are equal based on the enrollment fee alone. Large discounted pricing attracts a lot of people. Before enrolling, ask other students about financing, grants and how others pay for their class. Try canvassing and asking different kinds of schools about their price and other people about their quality. This will ensure  that your money will not go to waste.

2.       Location

Lazy? Then choose a driving school that’s near your home. You don’t have to drive for a thousand miles. Look for the nearest driving school to where you stay. Make a decision based on your advantage including the things you need.

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How to Avoid Being Ripped Off at Salvage Car Auctions

Salvage Car Auctions Who Can You Trust?

Salvage car auctions can be your best bet if you are planning to buy a vehicle and you cannot afford to get a new one. Used cars are increasingly popular nowadays especially in times of financial distress. Automobiles are no longer a luxury item, but are already among the basic needs in day to day living.

Salvage Car Auctions

If you are limited financially and you are saving up for the grandiose purchase of a brand new car it could take years before you can finally get one. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait that long. You can have a car of your own in the next couple of days without hurting your pocket.

At salvage car auctions, you can probably get an automobile in excellent running condition for as cheap as $500 or less. However, you must be extra vigilant during the trading process in order to avoid being ripped off.

Cases of bad purchases are common, especially among buyers who don’t bother to observe certain procedures that are necessary for a good transaction. To avoid being ripped off, take a moment to check out these few tips.

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Pre-Owned Chevrolet Trucks: How To Find Them

1972 Chevrolet Truck
Image by cmccartney via Flickr

Trucks are very expensive, but buying pre-owned Chevrolet trucks is a terrific way to obtain a Chevy truck for less. A good number of times Chevy trucks are used for government programs and when these trucks reach a particular mileage or age, they’re auctioned off through government car auctions. This can be a splendid way to get a pre-owned Chevy truck.

You’ll discover the smaller pre-owned S-10, the heavy duty ¾ ton Chevy truck, and you’ll also find 4×4 trucks that are pre-owned and in terrific shape if you don’t mind a vehicle that has a slight use on it. Chevy trucks have been proven to last for 100’s of thousands of miles so you shouldn’t let the high mileage of some of these vehicles concern you. Also, you’ll realize that a large number of government car auctions detail the condition of the truck very thoroughly.

They will tell you about the shape of the interior, the exterior and what they know of the mechanical ability. Of course, buying at an auction does mean you’re purchasing as is.

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Benefits Of A Salvage Truck Auction

Anyone who has worked in or around the trucking business knows that it is very expensive. Keeping trucks on the road, whether it is one truck or several can take a huge amount of a small business’ operating budget. Cutting down on those expenses can mean the difference between making the cut in a month or missing out on opportunities. One way to save on expenses is to go to a salvage truck auction.

Buying a salvaged truck can save a lot of money on the cost of parts for a truck. By getting a truck that has been totaled and is being auctioned off, you can get the parts that will be needed for your truck and save up to sixty percent of the price that would normally be spent through the dealership.

You will find hundreds of trucks at some of the auctions. They will be trucks that have been totaled for many reasons. Some will have perfect bodies and no engines. Others will have no bodies, but all of their parts in tact. When the truck is totaled it does not mean that the parts are no longer going to be useful.

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