When Is It Time to Hire an Automobile Accident Attorney?

Automobile Accident Attorney : When Is The Best Time To Approach One?


Many individuals involved in an automobile accident are often unaware until at least two or three days later that they have suffered from whiplash. The effects of whiplash is often what happens when an individual’s back and neck are injured in the event of a rear end collision and other types of vehicle impacts. Even though some of the injuries experienced through a minor accident can heal within just a couple of days or weeks, serious injuries that are often unnoticed at first can become severe if left untreated.

Automobile Accident Attorney

The Signs of Whiplash

Many individuals hire an automobile accident attorney when they recognize that they are suffering from the signs of whiplash. During the accident, their head was likely forced suddenly forward before being pushed violently backwards as a result of a collision from the backend of the vehicle.

The pain involved is often a result of ligaments and tendons that have become stretched or manipulated far out of their typical range of motion. The levels of pain that are experienced by whiplash can vary greatly. However, most individuals will experience a stiff neck, extensive headaches, dizziness, a stiff back, nausea, damage to the spinal column, and difficulty in their swallowing. There are even signs of pain radiation from the arms, shoulders and the neck.

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