How To Buy Repossessed Motorhomes – 5 Tips To Help You Along The Way

How To Buy Repossessed Motorhomes

If you want a motorhome, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to get it, consider buying a repossessed motorhome. Like any other big purchase, when you fail to make a certain number of payments the lender will come and repossess it.

However, in some cases the owner of the motor home will voluntarily give it up if he or she knows they can no longer afford it. Either way, it will help you save a great deal of money. Here are a few tips to help you get the best possible deal on a repossessed motor home.

Repossessed Motorhomes

Fiat Ducato based motorhome 1992. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tip #1- Call Lenders In Your Local Area to find Repossessed Motorhomes

Finding a repossessed motor home isn’t all that hard. Call a few lenders in your area and ask if there is a repossession manager you can speak to. See if there are currently any repossessed motor homes they are trying to sell. If there are you should arrange a time to meet up so you can look at it. Always take a qualified mechanic with you to check it out before you make an offer. Ask the mechanic how much they charge for an on site inspection. You need to know this information before you hire one.

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Buying a Repossessed RV vs New Or Used RVs For Sale

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If you’ve decided you want to purchase an RV but are unsure whether to buy a new or a repossessed RV, the best thing to do is compare the two and decide which is right for you.

Price. The biggest difference between a new or repo RV is price. As soon as a new RV is driven off the lot, it loses 30% of its value and then an additional 10-20% in the next couple years. Frequently RVs at used dealerships were purchased by the dealers at auction. They still provide a substantial savings over new ones, but buying a repossessed RV at auction yourself is even cheaper. Banks are interested in getting the RVs off their records as quickly as possible not making a profit, so you can buy quality RVs at low prices.

Amenities. To truly enjoy your RV, it needs to have all the amenities you want. You can find repossessed RVs with the same amenities as new ones, especially since repossessed RVs are usually fairly new. Also consider whether the features you want can be added later or if that would be too difficult or costly. It is often possible to add an upgrade or two to a quality repo rather than paying more for a new RV with everything. For the most part, there is little difference between the amenities available on a new RV versus a repoed recreational vehicle.

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Repossessed Car Auctions: What Is All The Fuss About?

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Many people who are looking for a good deal on a newer vehicle are finding that repossessed car auctions are giving them a great alternative. The vehicles that are becoming available at these auctions are often available at much more reduced costs than if a person went through a car dealer for the same type of car.

In the past a person attending a car auction would be limited on the number of cars that were available. Now, however, cars of all makes, models, and conditions are coming to the auction for individuals with the cash to purchase them. The auctions have grown in popularity and are now being held in numerous locations for people wishing to attend.

Many newer model vehicles with very low mileage are finding their way to the car auction. This is primarily due to the financial hardships and sudden setbacks suffered by many people during the economic crisis.

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Repossessed Car Auctions – Discover the Secrets

It does not cost much to buy a new car at the repossessed auto auctions. So it is really within your reach if you have a dream of driving home in a BMW 3 Series. Here are some quick tips that you can pick up if you are not sure how a repossessed auto auction works.

Introduction – What Exactly Is a Repossessed/Seized Vehicle

Repossessed property also includes vehicles. These are all seized, surplus and unclaimed equities which the government agencies try to sell away to recover administrative costs. The auctioned cars can also come from banks, financial lenders, police and other government agencies.

Types of Vehicles Put On Auction

You can practically find all kinds of vehicles put up for sale at the repossessed auto auctions. From SUVs, to sedans and sports convertibles, you get a whole range of vehicles. The condition of these vehicles may vary from slightly scratched to being badly damaged. But the good thing is the majority are in excellent working condition. Sometimes, you may even find cars which are a few months old priced at less than 60% of its normal retail price.

Prices of Vehicles

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