What To Expect From Police Impound Cars

If you are thinking of purchasing a car, but you want something cheap, an alternative for you is to go for police impound cars. This means buying a car from an auction that a government agency conducts. Aside from the fact that you will not be ripped of your money, this is definitely a place where you can go back to if you have any complaints about the car that you bought.

Most of these impounded cars by the police were pre-owned by companies that got involved in scams and frauds. For this reason, the government confiscated their assets and the vehicles that they used to own are sold at auctions.

Not all of the vehicles which are impounded come from such a background. Some were loaned from companies, but the previous owners were not able to continue with the monthly payment. Now, they will be sold in auctions in order to make up for the balance.

It is possible for these vehicles to be brand new, almost brand new or slightly used; therefore, you will be lucky enough to be able to get a car for yourself from auctions that sell police impound cars because aside from the fact that they are affordable, they are still in a very good condition.

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Women vs. Cheap Used Car Dealerships

Have you ever wondered why many used car salesmen still stereotype women buyers when they see them coming onto the lot? Even though over 50% of cars are now purchased by women, they are often viewed as inexperienced, when it comes to selecting a car at a used car dealership.

It is true, that some women are inexperienced and fall prey to a used car dealership salesman, by saying, I love this color, has to be automatic and good gas mileage. Piece of cake, they will find the little compact that no man will fit in and show you what a good deal it is. Good gas mileage in a used car may mean not enough power. You might get to where you are going faster riding your bike, but it fits your budget, and since it’s not a hot rod, of course, it’s in good shape. Why did the last person trade it in? Maybe the teenage daughter that had it accidentally drove it into the farm pond, and that is why the white smoke is coming out the tailpipe, a little water in the engine never hurt anything. But then a man with mechanical ability might figure out it has a blown head gasket, or timing chain, maybe that’s why.

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Antique Motorcycle Club “Swap meet”

Every year In a Little Town in New York called Ridge, On a Big Sandbar known as Long Island, Hundreds of Bikers who have only Antique Motorcycles on their minds. Gather to attend The Big Sandbar Chapter of The Antique Motorcycle Club of America, Inc’s annual “Winter Blues Swap meet” at the Ridge Firehouse. As I entered I was greeted by two lovely Lady’s. I told them who I was and they where happy to tell me about the Big Sandbar Chapter of the AMCA. I was told how the AMCA considers any Motorcycle 35 years or older an Antique.

Being I am a few years older then 35 and not feeling anything like an Antique, I’m thinking maybe it should be moved up to like 55 years an older! After all they say 50 is the new 30!

I also found out The Big Sandbar Chapter prides itself on being very Family Friendly, many of the Members are made up of Husbands and Wives and even some of their Kids. Many of the Big Sandbar Chapters events are Designed so the whole family can enjoy them together!

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