Antique Motorcycle Club “Swap meet”

Every year In a Little Town in New York called Ridge, On a Big Sandbar known as Long Island, Hundreds of Bikers who have only Antique Motorcycles on their minds. Gather to attend The Big Sandbar Chapter of The Antique Motorcycle Club of America, Inc’s annual “Winter Blues Swap meet” at the Ridge Firehouse. As I entered I was greeted by two lovely Lady’s. I told them who I was and they where happy to tell me about the Big Sandbar Chapter of the AMCA. I was told how the AMCA considers any Motorcycle 35 years or older an Antique.

Being I am a few years older then 35 and not feeling anything like an Antique, I’m thinking maybe it should be moved up to like 55 years an older! After all they say 50 is the new 30!

I also found out The Big Sandbar Chapter prides itself on being very Family Friendly, many of the Members are made up of Husbands and Wives and even some of their Kids. Many of the Big Sandbar Chapters events are Designed so the whole family can enjoy them together!

Of Course you Don’t need to be Married with Children to be a member of the Big Sandbar Chapter of the AMCA! All you need is a love for Antique Motorcycles and live anywhere in their coverage area which is from Montauk to Manhattan. The Chapter meets six times a year and is Well known for it’s Annual May Swap Meet at the Fireman’s Park in Ridge!

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This post was written by LJ James on June 6, 2009

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