Why Should You Buy From Live Government Auctions?

Live Government Auctions, Why Buy From Them?



There are three main reasons why live government auctions are the best place to purchase cars, trucks or SUVs in the USA. The first reason is of course the price tag. Every month, thousands of vehicles are sold at bargain-basement prices at government or police auctions, with many new owners driving away in a car that they bought for a tiny fraction of its original sale price. “How is this possible?” I hear you ask. Well, every day a vast amount of people default on their car loans or lease payments, meaning their vehicle then has to be repossessed or seized by financial institutions as collateral. Often, the cost of keeping this car in storage outweighs the benefit to this institution of holding out long enough for a good deal on the resale of the car. As a result, these cars quickly wind up at auctions where they’re sold at cheap, cheap prices.

Live Government Auctions

In addition, many of the cars that make it to live auctions are retired government vehicles, such as police cars, diplomatic/official transport vehicles and departmental vehicles. As a part of the government’s policies on vehicle maintenance et alia, these cars have to replaced periodically, despite the fact that the vast majority of them have done very few miles and are in great condition. And who wins out of this series of events? Why you of course, the buyer. “So why doesn’t everybody purchase their cars at government liquidation auctions?” Well firstly because this method of buying vehicles isn’t advertised greatly to the general public, and secondly because the turnover made by car dealerships as a result of auction buying represents a huge asset for them in terms of their profitability – in other words, they don’t want you find out about these deals!

The second reason for which a government or police auction could provide you with the best deal for your vehicular purchases is quality – the quality of the cars on offer at auction to be precise. Given that a lot of the cars available at auction come from federal and/or government departments, they tend to be in the best possible working order. Why? Because all government departments have to comply with regular checks on the quality of their vehicles, due to work safety legislation. This means that many of the vehicles at auction will come with full service records, and more still are still under the manufacturer’s warranty.

And the final reason for choosing live government auctions as a means of buying your next car… satisfaction. If you need any convincing of the overall satisfaction of customers that buy from live government auctions, you need only view the ‘Testimonials’ section at http://usedonlinecars.com. Not only do buyers that use the services offered by this site comment on the excellent quality and amazing value of their purchases, but they also testify to the customer service that they’ve received from the usedonlinecars.com team along their journey from bidder to buyer.

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