Clean Your Custom Wheels Like a Pro

Wheels have come along way from the stone wheel of primitive man. Who knew the wheels development would lead to custom wheels that can be steel, spoke, shiny chrome, antiqued chrome, painted or even powder coated. These custom wheels can cost up to $1500.00 each. When investing that much money into a product, it makes sense to clean and protect it.

They can make or break the overall appearance of a vehicle. Clean, shiny wheels dazzle the eye, giving the car a custom look. Wheels and tires become dirty much quicker than the rest of the car, so cleaning on a regular basis is a must. Most of the dust covering them comes from the brake pads, while the rest is dirt, tar, oil, and gunk from the roadway.

Cleaning custom wheels varies depending on what type of metal they are. Steel wheels need less cleaning than chrome wheels, but they all need a quality detergent, or cleaner. Use plenty of water for rinsing to prevent film or oxidation build up on the finish. Complete the process with a protective polish. Do not use harsh abrasives as they can damage the finish on the wheels.

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This post was written by Sarah Blanch on November 26, 2008

Are you a Mini Man or a Sports Car Fan?

 Government Car Auctions are a great place to find a Mini Cooper or a used sports car for a fraction of the cost by bidding on seized vehicles. They are often selling Mercedes, BMW’s, Bentley’s, Mini Coopers, Porsches and many other high dollar sports cars to the highest bidder, and sometimes, there are very few bidders for these higher dollar cars. 


For example, earlier this afternoon, a 2004 Bentley Continental, with 32,000 miles in excellent condition inside and out was listed.  Bidding expires in a couple days, at a bidding deposit of $10,000 and no bids had been offered on it, AT ALL, after being listed for bid for almost three weeks.  So few people realize that this is a great way to pick-up that dream sports car they would never be able to afford otherwise, they don’t even know where to look for it.


Here are a few interesting facts about Government Car Auctions:


        Government Car Auctions sell to the highest bidder, and it can be a great

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2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

If you’re anything like me you’ve got the mini-van for car pooling, soccer games and ballet practice, but inside all of us there is a little child just waiting to hit the open road in an awesome sports cars.  Be it red, yellow, green, it doesn’t matter as long as our hands have a firm grip on that leather steering wheel.  Come on … admit it!   Well, I thought I’d sneak a peak at the 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 just to remind me that anything is possible.  Let me know what you think and what color you think suits this Corvette.

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What Second Hand Car Dealerships don’t want you to know about Repossessed Car Auctions

Repossessed Car Auctions sell to the highest bidder, and it can be a great way to get a used car for a fraction of the value. Many second hand car dealerships make their living by getting their used cars cheap at government auctions and then selling them for huge profits. That is how many of them can say, “We finance anyone”. Often they have so little tied up in the car, that they can afford to make the profit off of the value difference and the financing mark-up.

They don’t want the general public to know that they can buy their cars this way. Often it is possible to find out the history of the car by the vehicle ID # and you can do the research and look up the Kelley Blue Book value, or your bank will often look it up for you. The second hand car dealerships will be present and will probably have a blue book with them, or they have already inspected the used cars they plan to bid on, and know how to get a steal on them, at what price. They may outbid you if they know the wholesale value and condition of the vehicle and you don’t.

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