Top 2 Ways to Learn About Car Auctions

If this doesn’t get you excited, than nothing will! Car auctions are a fantastic way to save money on a car. There are a lot of ways to save money on a car that don’t include insurance fraud or outright theft. Buying a new car can certainly seem like a smart decision if you can save some dollars, however car auctions are where the pros get their cars. They can generally be found in all states and happen at least once a month. The trick to buying a car is to buy it at wholesale (like a used car dealer would). Just like all auctions, there are deals to be found through just a little extra leg work.

Here are 2 tips to help you in you car auction quest

    1. Use the internet to your advantage. Online resources can be a great help to people who are looking to attend their first car auction. Google the term “car auction KY” or “car auction MI to look for local car auctions in your state. Also, if you live in a small state (like a state in the northeast), make sure and look for car auction locations in nearby states. For example, if you live in Eastern Pennsylvania, you might want to try looking for “car auctions NJ” or “car auctions NY.” Often times, depending on where you live, a car auction might be happening in a nearby location that’s just over the state line.
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Finding A “New” Used Car

Is it time to think about getting a new vehicle? Do your kids refer to your car as “the dinosaur” or “the boat”? Does it blow blue smoke everywhere? It sounds like it’s time for a replacement. While it may not be important to you to have a cool ride, it should be important to have a dependable one. Especially if your kids are approaching driving age.

Where do you go to find a new vehicle? There are so many places that sell cars, public and private. Some are upstanding citizens that will help you get the best deal possible. Unfortunately, some are not and will try to squeeze out every last dollar you have. That’s what many think about car dealerships these days. If you want to find a good deal going though a private sale is the way to go.

You might want to begin by checking out your local newspaper. The classified section is a great place to start for deals on new and used cars available in your area. There are also specialized guides that contain classifieds listings for cars all across the U.S. Your dream ride might be right there, waiting for you on the East Coast. Or maybe you want to try a new way to find a car.

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How To Sell Cars And Make A Living Doing It

To be a good car salesperson you have to use a combination of techniques that include auto dealer training and selling tips and tricks. You will find that you will occasionally be faced with issues that make selling a car difficult and being able to keep your composure during the time will be a testament to your selling ability. You will be shot down by customers but you will need to keep on going. No matter how you do it, you can be successful selling cars and making a good living at it if you can handle the pressure of how to sell cars.

Dodging the economic bullets

With an economic global crisis in full swing, you are probably finding that selling a car is a bit of a frustrating proposition. You have to sell yourself and your products as well as work with lenders to get your customers financing. During an economic crisis you are going to find that you will have to work twice as hard to sell a car. This is when you are going to have to be at the top of your game in order to get customers in the cars they want and lenders convinced that they can afford them.

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A Good Auto Sales Script Will Help You Sell!

That seems like an odd question doesn’t it?  But in reality it’s actually a very good idea. To be a successful car salesperson, you need to be able to follow a set formula that works for you in order to present yourself as a professional that knows how to sell cars. Thinks about the steps you take to make a car sale: you greet the customer; you build up a rapport with them to make them relax; you investigate their particular needs through conversation; your present the vehicle to them with a brief rundown of feature; you demonstrate the vehicle to them with a more detailed run down and take it for a ride; you overcome any objections they may have with truthful statements and logic; and you close the sale. Phew, that’s a lot of stuff!

Why a script?

Your personal sales script will allow you to tackle the basic steps outlined above in an effort to gain the trust and confidence of your customers. You will be able to avoid awkward moments in the process and maintain your professionalism, especially as you learn to deal with things such as objections from your customers. You can present yourself as someone who is knowledgeable about the product they sell and not like you are fresh out of the car sales academy.

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