KTM Duke 200 Unleashed in Malaysia

The fever of KTM bikes has just started as the business is actively launching its amazing looking designs across the planet. Just a handful of days back we at Bicycle Assistance knowledgeable informed you about the launch of KTM Duke 125 in Singapore, but this time around it is even much better news.

KTM has ultimately launched their Duke 200cc in Malaysia with a magnificent vogue. The KTM Duke 200 was launched by the P.M. of Malaysia Mr Najib Razak. The start took place in Malaysian money, Kuala Lumpur wherein the Austrian manufacturer unveiled the KTM Duke 200 and also revealed Duke 125. News has it that these variants are especially for the Asian market which is including India.

Sport bike manufacture KTM is entering into the Indian market place with Bajaj by launching Bajaj KTM Duke 200 in India. Bajaj KTM Duke 200 looks so fashionable and will certainly create a lot of waves in the 200cc segment as soon as it is released. The 200cc KTM Duke bike will be on show at the Delhi Automobile Expo in January and will shortly thereafter go on sale. This information comes soon after Bajaj planned to launch the following era of Pulsar motorcycles in late 2011.

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Antique Motorcycle Club “Swap meet”

Every year In a Little Town in New York called Ridge, On a Big Sandbar known as Long Island, Hundreds of Bikers who have only Antique Motorcycles on their minds. Gather to attend The Big Sandbar Chapter of The Antique Motorcycle Club of America, Inc’s annual “Winter Blues Swap meet” at the Ridge Firehouse. As I entered I was greeted by two lovely Lady’s. I told them who I was and they where happy to tell me about the Big Sandbar Chapter of the AMCA. I was told how the AMCA considers any Motorcycle 35 years or older an Antique.

Being I am a few years older then 35 and not feeling anything like an Antique, I’m thinking maybe it should be moved up to like 55 years an older! After all they say 50 is the new 30!

I also found out The Big Sandbar Chapter prides itself on being very Family Friendly, many of the Members are made up of Husbands and Wives and even some of their Kids. Many of the Big Sandbar Chapters events are Designed so the whole family can enjoy them together!

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Find Out How You Achieve Motorcycle Helmet Comfort

If you’re a rider who likes to head out for several hours, you know that the wrong helmet fit can make that ride seem much longer, and much less fun. This is what makes motorcycle helmet comfort so important.

When you’re wearing a helmet that fits correctly, you will immediately see a difference in your comfort on a ride. It may take some time, but the right fitting helmet will be even more comfortable than not wearing a helmet.

There are many motorcycle riders who say that no helmet will ever be comfortable for them. They believe that comfort is only found without a helmet, and they prefer to ride without one.

This isn’t true. This type of rider is likely to not have tried many different types of helmets, and make their judgment based on only a few models. And no one should ride without a helmet.

Motorcycle helmet comfort is often related to motorcycle helmet price. The more comfortable the helmet, the more special features it is likely to have, and these do cost money.

What is the key to motorcycle helmet comfort? There are many different factors that help to make a helmet comfortable. These include a seal for your ears, and padding for your head and neck.

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Seized Motorcycles – Discover the best place to buy seized motorcycles

Looking for a quality motorcycle, but can’t afford a new one, and reliability is very important to you.  Why not consider buying a seized motorcycle from an online auction such as Gov-Auctions.com.  These motorcycles have often been repossessed and are practically new, but with a much smaller price tag.  How does $100 or less sound?

Government auctions are usually the best place to find these seized motorcycles.  You can do some research on the internet.  A site like Gov-auctions.com will be able to give you a good idea of what is available.  Or you could ask your local dealer where and when the next auction will be, but be careful not to get roped into buying from their dealership as this usually proves to be much more expensive because they still need to make money on the sale.

Make sure that you do a full inspection of any motorcycles that you wish to buy because once you have purchased them, they’re yours, faults and all.  Auctions don’t usually offer warranties.  It’s not a bad idea to perhaps take a long a mechanic or someone who knows a lot about motorcycles so that they can advise you.

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Maintenance Free Motorcycle Battery or Conventional?

There are two main types of motorcycle batteries ” conventional and maintenance free.


Conventional batteries require you to regularly check the electrolyte levels. You can usually see a minimum level line and a maximum level line. You must add distilled water to keep your conventional batteries levels are between these lines. You have easy access to the cell compartments with this type of battery so that you can maintain it easily. Flooded electrolyte is the other main component to the conventional battery, and safety precautions need to be taken when topping this up. If these levels get too low, the plates are exposed to the air and the battery will get damaged.The conventional battery costs less than the maintenance free battery.

Maintenance Free

These are more expensive than conventional motorcycle batteries and are being pushed by the big brands, and for good reason. Maintenance free batteries mean that water loss is eliminated. Once the battery is filled with acid it is permanently sealed – so you’ll never need to fill it with water or check the acid level. Its totally sealed and all of the acid is absorbed in the special plates and separators, so there is no need to worry about acid leaks on valuable vehicle parts and accessories.

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Hate Being A Risk, Take these Precautions

Motorcycle insurance is considered “high risk” for factors you may not think about everyday. Remove the stereotype about a typical biker with long hair and a cutthroat and angry attitude. No matter what age, size, or type of personality, motor bikes are dangerous and that’s the primary reason they are labeled “high risk.”

People love the thrill and adrenaline rush of cruising at high speeds down a highway with only two wheels supporting your weight. They love the feeling of the air crashing against the side of their face. However, too often people go too fast and lose control of their bike. The accidents are tragic and often deadly.

But for every irresponsible accident there are ten outstanding and safe motorcycle drivers. So no matter what you use a motorcycle for, there are ways to help keep your insurance premium down and still have a great time on that passion of yours.

Insurance companies understand that and are willing to adjust premiums individually based on several factors. It will not change the perception that motor bikes are “high risk,” but the agencies will change their opinion somewhat based on the driver.

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This post was written by Graham McKenzie on March 17, 2009