Supercross Racing: Some Interesting Information and Facts

Supercross motorcycle racing is often considered an action packed sport. Due to its fun, excitement, and action, supercross motorcycle racing has a huge fan following. In addition to just being fans, there are many followers who wish to become a supercross motorcycle racer. If you are one of those individuals, despite what you may believe, your dream may be closer to a reality than you ever imagined.

If you are a fan of supercross racing, you likely already know how the racing works. However, if you are a new fan or if you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of supercross racing, you may want to learn more. Learning the ins and out of supercross racing would take some time, especially when you figure in the racing, itself, as well as the equipment needed and the track surfaces. However, if you are just looking to know what is happening on your television or during a live supercross motorcycle race, you are in luck. To do so, you just need to have a general overview of how supercross motorcycle racing works. You can easily learn this important information in a matter of minutes.

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This post was written by Gugu Martini on March 16, 2009

Lake George New York, A Great Place to Ride

As a Biker I love to take long Rides on my 2007 Harley Davidson, Nightrain. Some times a trip to Connecticut where one has the freedom of choice to decided if they want to wear a Helmet or not is a great place to go. Often I head up to the NY Catskill Mountains, Where a Burger and a Beer at Nicks Waterfall House in West Conesville can be the perfect end to a day of Cruising threw the Mountains.

Then there is another of my Favorite places to ride to, The Lake George NY area. My Uncle has a small Cabin in the Mountains right outside of the town of Lake George where I often stay. The area has some great long and winding roads for riding, These roads will relax even the most stressed Motorcycle rider.

There is so much history to the Lake George NY area. While on a trip one year riding around with no real destination in mind, I found myself in front of Fort Ticonderoga. Being very interested in American History I had to stop in and take the tour. The Fort was built between 1755 and 1759 and has plenty of stories to tell. It had a big roll in the American Revolution. As I walked around the Fort the I could almost imagine I had traveled back to the 18Th Century, The things I learned reminded me of the sacrifices our fore Fathers made to secure the Freedoms we enjoy and let slip threw our fingers every day.

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This post was written by LJ James on March 14, 2009

Great Women’s Motorcycle Helmet

If you’re a woman who’s a rider, it can be hard to find motorcycle gear that keeps your femininity intact. But there are many womens motorcycle helmets which look great and keep you safe.

One of the most important parts of a motorcycle helmet is the fit. You need to find a helmet which fits you correctly in order to ensure that you will be completely protected in the event of an accident.

When you’re looking for that perfect fit, you can get a professional measurement at your local motorcycle shop. You can also use a sizing chart from the manufacturer and measure yourself from home.

As you’re getting ready to buy your helmet, always make sure that the fit is correct, so that your helmet can be worn properly. If this means it’s not the right gender helmet, that’s okay, it’s the fit that matters.

Many women choose an open face helmet because they don’t want to hide their femininity. They feel that they need to show their face in order to show their gender, but this isn’t the case.

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This post was written by Frank Medley on February 19, 2009

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Used Motorcycle Helmet

If you need to buy a motorcycle helmet, you may be shocked by how expensive they can be, with some nice helmets costing up to 400 dollars. With prices like those, should you buy a used motorcycle helmet?

The answer is no. When you’re riding, the helmet is one of the more important safety protections that you have. This is why most states and towns have passed laws requiring that a helmet be worn.

If you buy a used motorcycle helmet, you are taking a huge risk with your health in the event of an accident. There are several different reasons why you should never purchase a used motorcycle helmet.

One of the major reasons is that you have no idea if the used motorcycle helmet has ever been damaged. A helmet is designed to only withstand one impact. After one impact, its internal shock absorbers are rendered worthless.

You may think you can tell if a helmet has been damaged in a fall or accident, but this is often not the case. Most of the changes happen internally, to the inner shock absorbing layers, and cannot be seen.

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This post was written by Frank Medley on February 15, 2009

Motorcycle Show In New York City

government seized motorcycles, motorcycle auctionsAs the cold Winter weather starts rolling in we bikers are still looking for fun things to do to fill up our weekends, we just start looking for stuff that’s indoors. After spending all those months riding its always hard when we have to leave our bikes at home, but hey what are the options? (Move down South? Not Me! I’m a New Yorker).

In January in New York City at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center there is always one of the best indoor Motorcycle events around. The Annual International Motorcycle Show presented by Toyota! I have attended this event for many years and it is always packed with more fun things to see and do than one can Squeeze into just three days.

Its always fun checking this event out while working for one Magazine or another. What difference does that make you may ask?  Well Checking out the newest makes of Motorcycles, Motorcycle Equipment, Products and gear, seeing old friends, making new friends and seeing Celebrities like Dee Snyder, The Ice cream Man from Hell, Billy Lane and many others is always a really great time! But when doing it while having Super Hot Magazine Models on your arm, well lets just say it adds something more to the event that you’re just going to have to trust me on!

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This post was written by LJ James on January 10, 2009

Lambretta for sale – What to look for when buying a Lambretta

The first thing to check for when buying a Lambretta for sale, is to research the model being sold. Prices can differ as can the quality and condition of the Lambretta for sale. When looking for a Lambretta it is important to consider this so you find a Lambretta at the best price possible.

There are other things to think about when buying a Lambretta

1. To maintain speed and originality check that the engine and frame numbers match that of the log book that come with the Lambretta for sale. Chances are the engine of the Lambretta may have been changed to improve performance or because of damaged casings. This could mean the Lambretta for sale is illegal, and may be confiscated or crushed.

2. Check the Lambretta for sale has no rot and rust. In most cases any damage to a Lambretta will be instantly noticable, but it is possible for rotting to appear at the top of side panels. Behind the number plate should be checked for rust on the Lambretta . An old Lambretta is also quite likely to have various bumps and dents to the bodywork.

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This post was written by Jimmy Cooper on December 24, 2008