Lake George New York, A Great Place to Ride

As a Biker I love to take long Rides on my 2007 Harley Davidson, Nightrain. Some times a trip to Connecticut where one has the freedom of choice to decided if they want to wear a Helmet or not is a great place to go. Often I head up to the NY Catskill Mountains, Where a Burger and a Beer at Nicks Waterfall House in West Conesville can be the perfect end to a day of Cruising threw the Mountains.

Then there is another of my Favorite places to ride to, The Lake George NY area. My Uncle has a small Cabin in the Mountains right outside of the town of Lake George where I often stay. The area has some great long and winding roads for riding, These roads will relax even the most stressed Motorcycle rider.

There is so much history to the Lake George NY area. While on a trip one year riding around with no real destination in mind, I found myself in front of Fort Ticonderoga. Being very interested in American History I had to stop in and take the tour. The Fort was built between 1755 and 1759 and has plenty of stories to tell. It had a big roll in the American Revolution. As I walked around the Fort the I could almost imagine I had traveled back to the 18Th Century, The things I learned reminded me of the sacrifices our fore Fathers made to secure the Freedoms we enjoy and let slip threw our fingers every day.

Another thing I like to do is ride on some of the less traveled roads. Riding on a road where you see nothing but Forests and small Waterfalls for miles is very relaxing. I like to search out small little Dinners and eatery’s, Stopping at them and trying some of the foods they have to offer.

I recently met up with my Mother, Sister, Brother, Nieces, Nephew and other members of my family at the Lake George Escape Evergreen Resort Campgrounds (, I found it a great places for me to relax for a few days. There where plenty of activities for the kids and many activities I could enjoy with the kids. In the resorts game room I won my Nieces and Nephew many prizes and I played (or maybe Battled is a more accurate word) Air Hockey with my younger Brother in the game room for hours. The resort has a pond and two pools to Swim in. Each week at the resort during the Summer has a thyme and while we where there it was Halloween week. The Camp Grounds has Nightly Hay rides around the Camp Grounds and since it was Halloween week my Brother came up with the idea of throwing out candy to all the kids as we took a Hay ride around the grounds one night. The Cherry on the top of this great resort has to be the on Grounds full service Tiki style Bar where most Nights they had a DJ to help keep the party going!

Many other things I have stopped to enjoy while riding around and staying in the Lake George area is White Water rafting, Hiking and many Trips to Six Flags Great Escape & Splash Water Kingdom. The park was known as Storytown USA when it first opened in 1954. As a Kid I used to love to watch the gun fights in its old western area known as Ghost town. The park may be much larger now and have many modern day Rides and attractions, but all the old Story town, Jungleland and Ghost town areas from the 50’s and 60s are still there! Then of course there is the town of Lake George it self with many great stores for shopping including a new shop I found last year called DILLIGAF’s. Many Arcades, Museum’s, Para Sailing, Night Clubs and Many Places to eat including some Waterfront Restaurants. Now in my opinion no trip to Lake George can be Complete without a Paddle wheel Cruise on the historic and scenic Lake George itself. The lake is known as the Queen of American Lakes. There are Two maybe three Companies you can use, But I recommend you take your trip on the Lake George Steamboat Company’s ( Minnie-Ha-Ha. I have Pictures of me getting on this Boat with my Family that go back many years.

As Bikers We are always looking for Great places to ride to alone or with our friends and family that offer both great riding areas and many things to do. I have found Lake George to be a great area for both!

Maybe I will see you there!

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This post was written by LJ James on March 14, 2009

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