Lambretta for sale – What to look for when buying a Lambretta

The first thing to check for when buying a Lambretta for sale, is to research the model being sold. Prices can differ as can the quality and condition of the Lambretta for sale. When looking for a Lambretta it is important to consider this so you find a Lambretta at the best price possible.

There are other things to think about when buying a Lambretta

1. To maintain speed and originality check that the engine and frame numbers match that of the log book that come with the Lambretta for sale. Chances are the engine of the Lambretta may have been changed to improve performance or because of damaged casings. This could mean the Lambretta for sale is illegal, and may be confiscated or crushed.

2. Check the Lambretta for sale has no rot and rust. In most cases any damage to a Lambretta will be instantly noticable, but it is possible for rotting to appear at the top of side panels. Behind the number plate should be checked for rust on the Lambretta . An old Lambretta is also quite likely to have various bumps and dents to the bodywork.

3. If the top or bottom of a headset is damaged it can be hard to find a corresponding replacement for either part, so check the Lambretta for sale has an intact headset. The colours may be different or they may not line up properly. You can tell by looking at the headlight rim on the Lambretta closely.

4. When observing the Lambretta, you should always check the petrol tank for rust damage. It the most common internal problem with a Lambretta but easily fixed. You can check the petrol tank on the Lambretta by taking off the lid and running your finger along the inside top. If the inside feels rough then it is likely there is a rust problem. If it seems to be major then you may have to fit a new petrol tank to the Lambretta .

5. It is worth, when buying a Lambretta for sale, to check it’s most current MOT as this will have information of wheel alignment. If this is not available, then it can be checked with a straight piece of wood. The wheels of the Lambretta should each sit flat with the edge of the wood. If not then the Lambretta could be suffering from worn engine mounts.

6. It is hard to check the engine of a Lambretta for sale without it being stripped in a workshop, but you can check that all the nuts and bolts are in place/tightened and for worn threads. Check the engine side casing of the Lambretta. The threads can weaken due to removal if it has been repaired/modified to often. Also certain models of the Lambretta will not have interchangeable engines. So make sure the Lambretta comes with an engine compatible with the model.

All of these points should help you find the Lambretta for sale for you. Make sure you test drive the Lambretta for sale. Do this on a normal road and for long enough to get all the parts of the Lambretta for sale warmed up to check it all runs appropriately. Some of these aspects may not have been noticed upon observing the Lambretta for sale.

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This post was written by Jimmy Cooper on December 24, 2008

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