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Looking for a quality motorcycle, but can’t afford a new one, and reliability is very important to you.  Why not consider buying a seized motorcycle from an online auction such as  These motorcycles have often been repossessed and are practically new, but with a much smaller price tag.  How does $100 or less sound?

Government auctions are usually the best place to find these seized motorcycles.  You can do some research on the internet.  A site like will be able to give you a good idea of what is available.  Or you could ask your local dealer where and when the next auction will be, but be careful not to get roped into buying from their dealership as this usually proves to be much more expensive because they still need to make money on the sale.

Make sure that you do a full inspection of any motorcycles that you wish to buy because once you have purchased them, they’re yours, faults and all.  Auctions don’t usually offer warranties.  It’s not a bad idea to perhaps take a long a mechanic or someone who knows a lot about motorcycles so that they can advise you.

It’s also important to arrive early on the day of the auction.  This will allow you enough time to see what the auction has for sale that day and you’ll be able to get an idea of which ones you would like to bid on.  It will also give you time to do your inspections without being pressured by anybody else.

I would advise that you do some homework prior to the auction and that you are aware of the market value of the various types of motorcycles that you might be interested in.  This will give you a much better idea of how much you want to spend.  Also, don’t get caught up in the bidding otherwise you might end up paying more than the motorcycle is worth.

If you are serious about purchasing seized motorcycles, I highly recommend Gov-auctions as they provide an updated, real-time database of seized motorcycles, cars and anything else you might fancy.  This database is collected from dozens of online and offline government and private auto auctions from all over the country.
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