Are you a Mini Man or a Sports Car Fan?

 Government Car Auctions are a great place to find a Mini Cooper or a used sports car for a fraction of the cost by bidding on seized vehicles. They are often selling Mercedes, BMW’s, Bentley’s, Mini Coopers, Porsches and many other high dollar sports cars to the highest bidder, and sometimes, there are very few bidders for these higher dollar cars. 


For example, earlier this afternoon, a 2004 Bentley Continental, with 32,000 miles in excellent condition inside and out was listed.  Bidding expires in a couple days, at a bidding deposit of $10,000 and no bids had been offered on it, AT ALL, after being listed for bid for almost three weeks.  So few people realize that this is a great way to pick-up that dream sports car they would never be able to afford otherwise, they don’t even know where to look for it.


Here are a few interesting facts about Government Car Auctions:


        Government Car Auctions sell to the highest bidder, and it can be a great

way to get a used sports car for cheap. The government does not have a loan to satisfy on the vehicle, they are just selling seized vehicles to pay for the prosecution of criminals and the enormous fines to be expected from money laundering or drug dealers.


        The Government Car Auctions are held at different locations throughout

the United States, on weekly and sometimes, daily basis, and some are even held online. Many of the sports cars have low mileage and are still in great shape because the criminals are unaware they are about to be seized, and many of these cars come from high-profile heavy-hitters. 


        Vehicles come from DEA, US Marshall and Coast Guard criminal or drug

          related seizures, normally. 


        Government Car Auctions include seized sports cars such as Lamborghini,

Mercedes, Bentley, BMWs, Mini Cooper and many others that can be bought at much less than book value, at a price you might not be able to afford otherwise.


        Some government auctions include seized Real estate, boats, ATV’s,

motorcycles.  It can be a great way to get a new toy to go with that used sports car! 


        Government Car Auctions will set an inspection day for the used sports

cars before the auction. Take your mechanic to look over the vehicles when you go for the inspection prior to the government car auction. 


        You will need to have funds lined up, as they normally want cash. They

will require a bidding deposit, in some cases, like the example above.  Even when cash is the required form of payment you can still find car loans to assist you with this, check out the ‘Car Loans’ tab on


        Many people have been using Government Car Auctions for their first used sports car. They may start out looking for an average used car, and end up getting a luxury used sports car instead.


        The savings can be tremendous!

Government Car Auctions

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