Benefits Of A Salvage Truck Auction

Anyone who has worked in or around the trucking business knows that it is very expensive. Keeping trucks on the road, whether it is one truck or several can take a huge amount of a small business’ operating budget. Cutting down on those expenses can mean the difference between making the cut in a month or missing out on opportunities. One way to save on expenses is to go to a salvage truck auction.

Buying a salvaged truck can save a lot of money on the cost of parts for a truck. By getting a truck that has been totaled and is being auctioned off, you can get the parts that will be needed for your truck and save up to sixty percent of the price that would normally be spent through the dealership.

You will find hundreds of trucks at some of the auctions. They will be trucks that have been totaled for many reasons. Some will have perfect bodies and no engines. Others will have no bodies, but all of their parts in tact. When the truck is totaled it does not mean that the parts are no longer going to be useful.

By saving money on parts you will have extra money to take care of other expenses that come up in the course of your business. With increasing fuel costs and toll expenses, you can save a tremendous amount of money when you have parts sitting in your stable when your truck breaks down. There will no longer be a slow down in business because the dealer has to order parts for your truck.

Going to the auction you will want to be prepared. Getting a history of the trucks that you are interested in will give you the information about the truck that you need. You can find out if the truck has been sent to auction with all of its parts or if the parts have been removed. Knowing this information will change the amount that you bid on a salvaged truck.

Bidding will also depend on what the value of the parts on the truck are. In some cases, a truck will be auctioned for what the parts are worth. By knowing what the parts of the truck cost, and the age of the truck, you can accurately figure out what the truck should auction for.

Regulars at the truck auctions meet prior to the auction to look at the trucks and talk. You can get a lot of important information by going to the auction early. These people will be able to tell you what the average bid is for trucks in the condition of the ones you are interest in are. This will help you to keep your bidding and costs down.

The percentage that is bid on a truck generally includes the mileage on the truck and the wear and tear that it experienced prior to its being totaled. By finding out the mileage, reason that it was totaled, and parts that are on the truck, you can get an excellent deal at a truck salvage auction.

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