Five Earth Friendly Reasons to Choose a Hybrid Vehicle

Hybrid owners are the most influential force in changing the current landscape for vehicle sales. While many consumers are not yet ready to make the leap from traditional vehicles to their hybrid relatives, citing the higher price as a determining factor. For others, incentives such as tax breaks and saving money on gas consumption are two of the main factors for getting a hybrid. However, the underlying reason for choosing a hybrid is that it is environmentally friendly. Here is how going green by buying a hybrid can benefit you and the planet:

1. Lower Emissions: Because hybrids rely on electricity for a portion of their power output, they get noticeably better gas mileage than their traditional counterparts. Using less gas results in less chemical emissions such as dioxide and nitrogen oxide. According to a recent study by the EPA, they emit 90% less fumes and other toxic elements into the air.

2. Gas Issues: It’s no secret that acquiring gas and oil has become a major problem worldwide. The prospect of adding more oil refineries sounds good in theory, but in actuality would only add to the amount of pollution in the air. Finding alternative sources for gas and oil is more difficult than it seems. If we as consumers can use less gas, we will ultimately depend less on other countries for it and it will lead in a decrease of our natural resources.

3. Health Issues: With all those toxins being released into the air, the human body is destined to be effected. Breathing large amounts of carbon dioxide, a lead and other chemical emitted by gas only vehicles is certainly detrimental to our well-being. These chemicals have been linked to suh ailments as cancer, birth defects and other preventable diseases.

4. Get on the Environmental Bandwagon: There are a lot of people who have eagerly gotten behind the hybrid trend, but there are others who haven’t. Money is the main issue for choosing a traditional all gas vehicle as opposed to a hybrid. Those who have made the hybrid choice are helping us all become more environmentally conscious. All those people buying hybrids are driving the market price for them down, which will lead to more buyers.

5. Send a Message to the Government: The government wants to find ways to be less dependent on foreign sources for oil, thus they have begun offering tax credits for those who choose to purchase a hybrid. Every consumer who buys a hybrid vehicle is eligible for a tax credit of up to $3,000. Only when we choose hybrid vehicles over gas only ones, will the government begin to take environmental issues seriously.

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This post was written by Roman Robinson on January 28, 2009

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