Discover the Hidden Secrets behind Government Car Auctions

A Day at the Auction House

A Day at the Auction House

Many people don’t understand Government Car Auctions, so they don’t realize this is a great way to get a cheap used car, or even real estate, unclaimed cash and electronics.

Businesses can also participate and add to their fleet for construction, plumbing, and electrical work trucks and vans.

Here are a few interesting facts about government auctions:

Government Car Auctions sell to the highest bidder, and it can be a great way to get a used car for a few hundred dollars, even. Many people buy cars this way and then resell them for profits. Many dealers get vehicles for their used car lots this way.

The Government Car Auctions are held at different locations throughout the United States, and some are even held online.

Vehicles come from government fleets, such as GSA, Transportation

department, state and local municipalities, and DEA, US Marshall and Coast Guard seizures.

Government Car Auctions may include seized cars such as Mercedes,

Bentleys, and BMW’s that can be bought at much less than book value, at a price you might not be able to afford otherwise.

Some government auctions may include seized Real estate, mobile homes,

trailers, boats, ATV’s, motorcycles, office machines, photography equipment, computers, unclaimed cash and many other personal items. It can be a great way to get a new boat!

The government fleet vehicles have been maintained on a regular basis and are often more reliable than you could find at any used car dealership.

If repairs are needed, the government may list defects in some

descriptions, unlike used car dealerships. It is a good way to get a cheap used car, even after repairs, if minor.

Government Car Auctions will set a day and certain hours aside so that

you can come inspect the used cars and start them before the auction. It is best to find a selection of several, in case you are outbid. Take your mechanic to look over the vehicles when you go for the inspection prior to the government car auction.

Do some research, as to resale value and you will need to have funds

lined up, as they normally want cash. You can also find some information

about auto financing by clicking on the ‘Car Loans’ tab at

Many people have been using Government Car Auctions for used cars for

themselves, their friends and teenager’s first car because they have so many chances to get a cheap used car.

Businessmen have been using Government Auctions for their company

purchases of office equipment, computers, electronics, company trucks and vans. It is a great source to find work or farm vehicles at affordable prices. The savings can be tremendous!

If you want to find more information, you can do research online and find experts that offer free auction guides, tips and training to help you find the deals on used cars and make the bids to acquire other great personal and business equipment and real estate.

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