Seized Property Auctions Are Bargain Hunter Delights!

Seized property sold through government auctions and police auctions are a treasure trove for bargain hunters. There is a vast array of goods, new and used, sold at way below retail, sometimes less than 10% of market value!

Exactly what is seized property? This is property that has been taken through state or federal “seizure laws”. These laws allow certain government agencies, such as US Customs, the IRS, DEA, even local police departments. to seize property that was used or acquired illicitly, such as a car or truck used to transport stolen goods or illegal drugs, or property imported improperly.

If a drug dealer uses the money he acquires from drug trafficking to buy a car, truck, boat, even a house, they come under the “seizure law” and will be confiscated. Furniture, jewelry, art, electronics all can be seized.

The numbers and types of seized property that is sold through government auctions is mind-boggling. You can buy cars and trucks, boats, antiques, jewelry, office equipment, even aircraft. And they can be had for mere pennies on the dollar.

These auction goods can also be merchandise that was seized by Customs. The seizure might be for smuggling, or improper importation, even failure to pay import duties or taxes. The US Customs agency often seizes entire cargo containers full of property. Many times, these consist of brand new merchandise that was originally intended for retail store sale, and are now being liquidated through a government auction.

Government auctions and police auctions are held individually by by each agency, from federal government agencies like US Customs, the FBI, IRS, and DEA, even your local city government and municipal sheriffs departments. Each agency is responsible for holding it’s own auctions, some online, some at specific locations.

So how do you find these seized property auction treasures? There are essentially two ways: first, you can look through listings, but you can spend countless hours as each agency holds it’s own auctions, and they can change daily, weekly, etc. Alternately, you can join a government auction membership site that puts all those listings together in one place. Membership sites vary, however, so before signing up make sure you check out reviews such as those found at Government Auction Site Reviews.

Seized property auctions are literally treasure troves of merchandise. With a little time spent looking, you can find those deals of a lifetime on virtually anything in the world!

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