Steps on Bidding for Government Seized Cars for Sale


Government Seized Cars For Sale

Step-by-Step Process on Bidding for Seized Government Cars

The bidding process for government seized cars for sale can be quite stressful at first, especially if it is your first time bidding for properties at a public sale. But if you know the process beforehand, the entire procedure is relaxing and enjoyable.

To make your purchase of government seized cars less stressful, it is best to know how the bidding works by getting a glimpse of the process. The following steps will give you some ideas on what you will be going through during the auction.

Government Seized Cars For Sale 

 Step One

First and foremost, do your homework. First of all you need to decide what type of vehicle you want to buy. Is it a van, a sedan or a pick-up; make sure it is suitable to your needs and to your lifestyle. Aside from that, make a list of the auto brands of your choice. You might go for Toyota, Honda, Ford or GM. Don’t forget to also set your budget range. It must have a minimum and a maximum amount. This will serve as your guide during the bidding. Don’t go over the maximum limit to avoid financial problems later on.

Step Two

The second step, which is shopping, is quite enjoyable. You can browse online through auction sites. Make sure to shop for vehicles that are scheduled for auction at a specific warehouse near your area. Better yet, visit the auction house and do the actual shopping. You may be amazed at the number of vehicles up for grabs; some warehouses are as big as a soccer field. So, don’t be overwhelmed by your emotions and stick to your list to make it quicker.

Step Three

The next step is inspection. This is very important. The result of your ocular assessment of the automobile can greatly influence your choices and your starting bid amount. Allow at least one or two hours for the actual inspection. Normally, each unit has an inspection report that details the actual condition of the car including some known faults. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from a consultant. Also check the log book. Here you will find the service history of the car. Also check the warranty of each unit since several cars are still within the warranty period.

Step Four

Once you have selected the car you want to bid on, it’s time to bid. But prior to that, you must first approach a consultant and ask for the bidding time. There are plenty of cars scheduled for auction; each car has a scheduled auction time and you need to know this so that you are there when the bidding starts. Remember, bidding is quick and a few seconds of delay can make a difference.

Step Five

If you win the bidding, go to the sales office and settle your accounts. Payments may be required and there are also documents that you need to submit. You don’t necessarily have to pay the full amount during the auction day.

Normally, you will be required to pay a deposit or a partial payment and you are allowed one or two days to make the full payment. Once you pay the full amount, that’s the time you can get your ownership title and the car registration papers.

By knowing the above steps, you should be more confident to visit the auction of government seized cars for sale and totally enjoy the day when you finally get your dream car.


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