The Guide to Comparing Illinois Auto Insurance Online

When one registers their vehicle in the State of Illinois they are asked to complete a Vehicle Registration Application. Signing this application guarantees the Secretary of State that you will maintain the minimal amount of insurance which is required under Illinois State Laws. Failure to do so could result in a ticket, suspension of your license, or possible jail time for numerous offenses.

Illinois has a mandatory insurance law. This means that every driver must have at least sufficient liability insurance. The minimum amount of liability coverage for the state of Illinois is: (1)$20,000 of bodily harm coverage if there is only one other person involved in the accident. (2) $40,000 of bodily harm coverage if there is more than one other person involved in the accident (3) $15,000 of coverage for any property damage caused during an accident. Your coverage must meet all three requirements to be legal. Be prepared to show a valid insurance coverage card if you are ever pulled over.

The Internet age has greatly changed the face of Illinois auto insurance because often customers simply go on-line and enter their information along with their vehicles information and an insurance policy can be created right then and there. Furthermore, an insurance card can promptly be printed on-line and you can begin driving immediately.

Some people still prefer interaction with a local auto insurance agent. This may be because they are accustom to this or because they prefer to deal with a real life person and discuss their options. Regardless this is more than an acceptable way to purchase insurance. The value of interacting with a real life human being is valuable.

Consumers can purchase auto insurance any way they choose. Therefore, whether you prefer a local agent or the freedom of doing it on-line yourself you are covered. Websites allow you compare quotes for different insurance plans so that you find the one that is right for you. Meeting the mandatory insurance requirements in Illinois is a must. Use the internet to help you find the coverage you need at a reasonable price. can help consumers find Illinois auto insurance either from a local agent or online.

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