What You Should Do with a Used Tire

A used tire can be sold or bought. However, regardless of whether your are trying to sell or buy one, you should know that there is more to a used piece than meets the eye. They aren’t like other used products that can easily be recycled or disposed of.

Environmental Hazards

Used tires are some of the most difficult products to get rid of. Many landfill administrators do not allow used tires to be thrown in their landfills because tires do not decompose quickly. In the past, tires were simply burned as a way of disposing of them. We all know however that this can be potentially hazardous for people and the environment. The toxic substances in tire materials can escape to the water and air, thereby causing health problems.

Some people also used to stack used tires in a corner of their yards or garages. This is also not a good idea though. Old tires can easily collect water where mosquitoes can lay their eggs on.

These days, it is always best to ask your tire dealer for advice on what to do with old tires. Your state might also already have a couple of guidelines on what should be done with old tires.

Asking Your Dealer

If you have a reputable tire dealer, you will know that they don’t immediately recommend that you change your used tire. The personnel in a tire dealership should be able to tell exactly when tires should be replaced. Sometimes all your tires may need are just adjustments to air pressure to work as well as they used to. It is important to ask a reputable dealer for advice to avoid contributing to environmental problems.

Using an Old Tire

There are a lot of people who would consider buying old tires. You might want to consider this option too. This can help you save both the environment and a few dollars. Where can you find old tires that are good enough to use?

You can start with online auctions and ad sites. Many of these tires are sold by people who love their cars so much that they always want new tires. Moderately used tires may be perfect for your use depending on your type of vehicle, driving style and usual driving conditions.

Keep in mind that you have to be very particular when shopping for used tires. You need to have the right tire size and type. You also need to evaluate tire damages, tears and repairs. After all, your tires play a great part in ensuring your safety on the road.

Other Options for Old Tires

If you have some used tires, you should dispose of them properly. You can ask your dealer if they take back old tires or for local haulers to get your tires for you. A used tire isn’t entirely useless. These days, old tires can be retreated and used again. They can also be recycled in various ways. Old tires can be used for asphalt, playgrounds, roof tiles, tennis courts, door mats and many more.

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This post was written by Will Treps on December 3, 2008

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