428 Cobra Jet Mach 1 Ford Mustang

Mustang is a muscle car in it is own class. It just command respect without making a sound. Mickey Thomson shows us what you can do with a classic cars, given talent and persistence.  The engine in 1965 when the ford 427 cobra engine Ford could come up with. Inside, restyled all new flight deck for 1969 with a twin pod dashboard, high back bucket seats with knitted vinyl, an optional fold down rear seat, a sporty clock and rich, molded door panels. It had a super slippery roof line, streamlined front end with twin set headlamps and on top.

428 ford cobra jet optional shaker hood scoop others would copy ad and in the years ahead it coined the shaker first. This was designed to familiarize us with history in an age when modifying a vintage Pony has become fashionable again. This was not built for personal expression, but to share a time in history we will likely never see again. When you stop and think about the Ford Cobra Jet Mach 1, high performance is one of the first things that comes to mind.

You can go through a big selection and trim it down and choose what will help with your needs. When you are out on a Saturday night around Sacramento, California, you better be wary of any black Sports Roof Mustang you roll up next to, because those little numbers on the hood scoop are hard to read. I answered multiple ads and looked at cars all over the country. The engine, a woolly 428 Cobra Jet, is the biggest thing Ford shoehorned for ’68 ½ -’70, outside of the 429 Boss.

The 428 Cobra Jet is a rare and extremely desirable option, transforming the original Pony Car into a seriously quick piece of machinery. For 1970, it underwent a minor restyle, with single headlamps inside the grille and simulated air intakes at the front and a new rear end.428 ford cobra jet mustang amongst the most sought after of all big blocks, combining bags of style with shattering performance. History A very special car, this matching numbers 1970 Mach 1 is one of only 320 built with the desirable 428 Cobra Jet and factory four-speed gearbox specification, as detailed in the Marti report and the verification reports that accompany the vehicle.

Recently imported into Australia, the Mustang comes with the approved Certificate, original dealer invoice and receipts to be supplied on sale. It comes with new tires and Magnum 500 wheels, although the original rims, spare and springs will be supplied. To deal with the common running hot issues these big block Cobra Jets are plagued with, we installed a pusher fan to help move the air along a little better. Power rack and pinion steering and tubular upper and lower control arms help correct some of the steering and handling issues that were plagued with.

By 1968 to 1969, Ford deleted the 427 and mechanical valve lifters from its lineup and, as a result, the Mustang 428 Cobra Jet is not represented in the fastest classes. Like the Mustangs, the Barracudas and Challengers equipped with the 440 cubic inch wedge motors topped by three, two barrel carburetors are extremely quick, but unless their horsepower ratings are elevated enough to move them into the eight pounds per horsepower class, they likely will not be the first nine second car. The 1969 ford corbra jet mustang mach 1 was worth more repainted to original color.

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