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Have you ever wondered why the person next door was able to afford the Mercedes or BMW? You are aware that his job cannot possibly be funding that car. Have you ever daydreamed about driving a luxury car, maybe a convertible, down the highway on a nice day while the wind blew through your hair?

Well stop dreaming about these cars and start researching about how you can get the best deal on purchasing one of these cars. No, I do not mean at the used car dealerships. I am talking about finding the best deal at a government auto auction in your area.

Some people are already aware of these auctions. They may be “professional bidders” and they may actually make a living by purchasing these cars at a great price. Other people are looking to make a great deal for themselves. Then there are other people who may be leery about the type of cars at these auctions because they assume something is wrong with the cars if they are selling at such as low price. This is simply not true. These cars usually only had one previous owner and these cars are well taken care of.

Many of these cars are seized from people who have been caught in crime. This could be something like a drug dealer or tax thieves. Their cars are well kept but they were caught in some kind of criminal activity. With the police actively busting criminals, many cars need to be taken in and these cars are not lemons, these cars are luxury cars belonging to high profile criminals like those in the MOB. Cars that have been seized previously include BMW, Acura, Cadillac, Infiniti, Mercedes, Lexus, Nissan, Lamborghini, Ferrari, among others.

Thousands of cars are auctioned off every year and they can be purchased at a great deal. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing a car for your teenager or if you need a second car, a government auto auction is a good place to look. Even if you want another car as your “toy car, ” these government auto auctions are the way to go. You can purchase your dream car without putting a dent in your pockets.

Who wants to go to those used sales places where you have to listen to the salesmen go on and on about why you should purchase this used car that you really are not sure if you even like, when you can go to these government auto auctions and you are the boss. If you do not want the car, you move on. If you want to bid then that is what you do.

Finding your dream car is a very tedious process as you have to scour all possible areas where you can find great deals with regards to purchasing a car. Therefore, you have to follow simple steps that was mentioned above to bring you closer to your dream car through seized car auction.

At these government places, you can look under the car, get in the car and inspect the car before you start your bidding. You may even bring in someone you know who is a mechanic so they can give you a better insight on the car you are interested in purchasing. Drive off with a car that people will turn their heads at and think, “Wow they have money!”

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  2. what are some really good and cheap car auctions in southern california? | September 25, 2011 4:36 pm

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