The Best Way To Buy Government Auction Cars

Government Auction Cars

The Best Way To Buy Government Auction Cars

The U.S. government is required to offer its used vehicles to the public through open auction which makes this a really good opportunity for anyone who takes the time and initiative to do a little research.  The U.S. General Services Administration is the federal agency clearing house for all federal vehicles and is responsible for auctioning when the federal agencies are finished with them.  Each federal agency turns their vehicles into the U.S. General Services Administration auction facility located nearest them and then U.S. General Services Administration personnel will then conduct the auction.

Government auction cars offered for auction through the U.S. General Services Administration are normally sold for a fraction of what they would be sold for if sold retail.  These vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and detailed and are considered drive ready.  The vehicles will normally be about two or three years old.  They will have been used for staff vehicles and will not be specialized vehicles or repossessed vehicles.

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Everything You Must Know About Car Auction And Reviews

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In this article, we are going to outline and discover what car auctions are about as well as give a short review. For many people, selling a car can seem like a pointless hassle. Even so, it in no ways has  to be as difficult, time consuming, or as hard as numerous individuals globally seem to reckon.

We’re going to talk about various ways of selling your car, and give a small review regarding which method we have learned to be the best, the fastest, the softest, and the one we believe a person has the best chance of getting the most money for their car.

The first way you can market your car is at the usual car auction. You go to an auction, they are held throughout the UK and USA. The best way to discover where your local car auction may be is to grab a hold of a weekly published paper.

The paper you will need may differ from county to country and city to city. The one we use ourselves is called the advertiser, but to tell the truth, they are likely to be based on the same sort of name. If you visit your local news agents, they will assist you by pointing you in the right direction.

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Discover the Hidden Secrets behind Government Car Auctions

A Day at the Auction House

A Day at the Auction House

Many people don’t understand Government Car Auctions, so they don’t realize this is a great way to get a cheap used car, or even real estate, unclaimed cash and electronics.

Businesses can also participate and add to their fleet for construction, plumbing, and electrical work trucks and vans.

Here are a few interesting facts about government auctions:

Government Car Auctions sell to the highest bidder, and it can be a great way to get a used car for a few hundred dollars, even. Many people buy cars this way and then resell them for profits. Many dealers get vehicles for their used car lots this way.

The Government Car Auctions are held at different locations throughout the United States, and some are even held online.

Vehicles come from government fleets, such as GSA, Transportation

department, state and local municipalities, and DEA, US Marshall and Coast Guard seizures.

Government Car Auctions may include seized cars such as Mercedes,

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How To Buy Repossessed Motorhomes – 5 Tips To Help You Along The Way

How To Buy Repossessed Motorhomes

If you want a motorhome, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to get it, consider buying a repossessed motorhome. Like any other big purchase, when you fail to make a certain number of payments the lender will come and repossess it.

However, in some cases the owner of the motor home will voluntarily give it up if he or she knows they can no longer afford it. Either way, it will help you save a great deal of money. Here are a few tips to help you get the best possible deal on a repossessed motor home.

Repossessed Motorhomes

Fiat Ducato based motorhome 1992. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tip #1- Call Lenders In Your Local Area to find Repossessed Motorhomes

Finding a repossessed motor home isn’t all that hard. Call a few lenders in your area and ask if there is a repossession manager you can speak to. See if there are currently any repossessed motor homes they are trying to sell. If there are you should arrange a time to meet up so you can look at it. Always take a qualified mechanic with you to check it out before you make an offer. Ask the mechanic how much they charge for an on site inspection. You need to know this information before you hire one.

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Top 2 Ways to Learn About Car Auctions

If this doesn’t get you excited, than nothing will! Car auctions are a fantastic way to save money on a car. There are a lot of ways to save money on a car that don’t include insurance fraud or outright theft. Buying a new car can certainly seem like a smart decision if you can save some dollars, however car auctions are where the pros get their cars. They can generally be found in all states and happen at least once a month. The trick to buying a car is to buy it at wholesale (like a used car dealer would). Just like all auctions, there are deals to be found through just a little extra leg work.

Here are 2 tips to help you in you car auction quest

    1. Use the internet to your advantage. Online resources can be a great help to people who are looking to attend their first car auction. Google the term “car auction KY” or “car auction MI to look for local car auctions in your state. Also, if you live in a small state (like a state in the northeast), make sure and look for car auction locations in nearby states. For example, if you live in Eastern Pennsylvania, you might want to try looking for “car auctions NJ” or “car auctions NY.” Often times, depending on where you live, a car auction might be happening in a nearby location that’s just over the state line.
      English: 1963 Corvette split-window coupe at c...

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Towing Methods and the Differences Between Them

There is a wide variety of motor vehicles traveling on and off roads, all of them susceptible to mechanical failure or accidents which may leave them incapacitated and in need of tow. Even vehicles in perfect working order are sometimes towed rather than driven (for example, when a family relocates and want to have their vehicle delivered to their new place of residents).
Due to the infinite possible types of circumstances it is not surprising that there are several types of tow trucks and towing methods. Using the most befitting towing method in each specific case is of great importance.

Towing Methods

A car being loaded onto a flatbed tow truck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the following paragraphs you will find a summary of the different methods of towing currently in use along with a brief description of their relative advantages and disadvantages and the way these determine the circumstances in which each method becomes the most suitable one.

Types of Tow Trucks
There are several tow truck manufacturers and a wide range of models which differ greatly from each other, but still, tow trucks can still be divided into three basic types:
• Wheel lift tow trucks
• Hook and chain tow trucks
• Flatbed tow trucks

Tow trucks belonging of the wheel lift type use steel yokes which are hooked and secured under the back or front axles of the towed vehicle. Using hydraulic power (produced by a hydraulic pump driven by the tow truck’s engine) the yoke is raised and lifts the end under which it is attached clear off the ground. The towed vehicle remains with two of its wheels in contact with the road. This method of towing is also commonly referred to as “tow by dolly” or “dolly towing”.

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