A Good Auto Sales Script Will Help You Sell!

That seems like an odd question doesn’t it?  But in reality it’s actually a very good idea. To be a successful car salesperson, you need to be able to follow a set formula that works for you in order to present yourself as a professional that knows how to sell cars. Thinks about the steps you take to make a car sale: you greet the customer; you build up a rapport with them to make them relax; you investigate their particular needs through conversation; your present the vehicle to them with a brief rundown of feature; you demonstrate the vehicle to them with a more detailed run down and take it for a ride; you overcome any objections they may have with truthful statements and logic; and you close the sale. Phew, that’s a lot of stuff!

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Why a script?

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Things You Should Know About Car Warranties

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Car Warranties, What You Need To Know


Car warranties can be very beneficial as they can help you should an unexpected situation arise with your car. However, don’t get too excited yet. There are some things you should know before you purchase that car warranty.

Know Exactly What’s Covered And When The Warranty Expires

Unfortunately some people have been paying on coverage that has expired many years ago. And when something happens they realize they aren’t covered. Don’t let this happen to you. Make it a point to keep your policy information in a place where you can easily get to it. The glove box is a great place. Whenever you have to replace your proof of insurance check to see if your warranty is still valid.

That will let you know if you are still covered or not. And one quick note about warranties. Technically speaking warranties aren’t really warranties. They are actually just another form of insurance. And just like insurance, things such as deductibles and what’s covered will vary according to the policy. That’s why it so important that you really read the fine print so you know exactly what you are getting.

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Car Tips – Finding a Good Collector Car Club

You may not realize it but finding a good collector car club really is not a simple task. There are of course dozens if not hundreds of clubs located across the entire country, yet many of these clubs are subpar at best and do not offer all of the benefits that you need in order to really justify them. If you have struggled with this problem there is hope and help, but it is not always easy to find.

Your first place to start with locating a good collector car club is by checking with your local auto parts store. Generally if you find a store that offers very high quality parts there are going to be members of the car club in there on occasion looking for the latest goodies for their car. This makes it a prime location to find people to talk to, or even ask the staff about their suggestions on which clubs are the best. By talking to these people you can help capitalize on your time, and then move along to actually finding out information on membership.

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Guide to Buying a Used Car

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When you are ready to get rid of the car that has been the cause of many roadside phone calls and frustrating mornings, you may not necessarily need to buy a brand new car to achieve great satisfaction. Buying a new car may seem great in theory, with all the prestige and the ever-loving New Car smell, but when it comes time to paying the bill, the luster may dull a bit. There are many benefits to buying a used car, such as not suffering the depreciation that will come with a newer car, cut out stress and a lot of used cars are near new.

Once a new car has left the lot of a dealership it depreciates in value, thus leaving a used car as a good purchase. In fact used cars can be up to thirty percent less than a new car do to this. You will also save on taxes when buying your vehicle old rather then buying a new car. Also buying from a car dealership one may feel blindsided by unknown fees and unexpected price increases. With a used car you will normally get the vehicle at the price you were originally quoted, making you a happy camper.

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Repo Car Auctions – Getting Down To The Truth

repo car auctions,government seized auto auctionsThere are many truths to repo car auctions, and one is that you can save huge amounts of money — if you know how, that is.

Don’t worry, just because they are second-hand cars it does not mean that they are defective. In fact what you are likely to find at auctions of repo cars are cars that have not been used for long because they have been seized by the government or financial institutions when their owners neglected to pay their dues such as taxes, mortgage, and the like. What you therefore get are cars that are slightly used and often still in excellent working condition.

Repo car auctions have been existing for many years now, although they grew in popularity only lately. Because of this, more and more people now are able to afford their dream car. However, because of the event’s growing popularity, more and more people are also bidding on the same car. This means that the bid price can go higher and higher.

If you consider this situation, auctions of repo cars do not guarantee that you will get your dream car. It is possible that someone else who also happens to be attracted to your dream car will outbid you. So, here are some tips to help you get ahead when you are at a repo car auction.

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Do You Know This Much About Used Cars?

When you are attempting to buy a used car always get a good idea about all the things that you need your car to have. Especially the model of the car since the price of the cars always varies according to their models.

One place you can buy a good second hand car is at an auction. The cars are usually very cheap especially when they are organized by the government. There are a number of auctions organized regularly in different states. Check out Gov-Auctions for all listings.

It is not necessary to have a mark of being a mechanic to understand the condition of a car. You can always do that by simply looking at the body works, tires and paint job. The odometer is a good thing to check for the quality of a used car.

Japanese brands like Toyota, Nissan, Honda, etc offer good quality second hand cars in a cheaper rate in the auctions in Japan. You can always buy a car from there and then bring it to America. Thus you can get a quality car for a much lower price.

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