Secrets of Police Car Auctions That You Are Probably Not Aware Of

Police Car Auctions – What You Need To Know

Police Car Auctions





Police Car Auctions

For many people, vehicles sold at police car auctions are just ordinary cars. While this is true there are other things that you are not probably aware of with regards to some vehicles sold at GSA vehicle auctions. GSA is short for Government Services Administration, which is a government body that is tasked in the procurement and management of government properties that include vehicles.

Since different government agencies are regularly updating their properties to cope with the high-paced demand in work, as well as to minimize their expenses, they are selling the excess assets at designated government-certified auction houses at ridiculously low prices. This gives you a great chance to get a good bargain of your planned vehicle purchase.

Why the Government Police Car Auctions

There are many public auction houses, why bother bidding at the police car auctions? Some buyers are put off from buying police cars because they have normally notorious history. Some were involved in several car pursuits that get a lot of bumps in the past, while others are even riddled with bullets.

Obviously, those damages were eventually repaired but the car chase incidences could possibly affect the overall condition of the car and tremendously accelerated the depreciation. You never know the possible damages inflicted underneath the hood or in the interior body of the vehicle.

These are among the disadvantages of buying at the GSA vehicle auctions. However, this is compensated by proper care and maintenance. The GSA usually requires strict adherence to the maintenance procedures, thereby giving you further assurance that the vehicle were regularly maintained at above-the-standard quality.

But what actually makes it worth investing in police auctioned cars is that many of these vehicles were built at extremely high standard. In other words, they were made for utmost durability because of the nature of the use.

Some of them were especially made for police cars with unique specifications. So what you will get is an extremely durable vehicle that you can rely on under varied driving conditions. This will give you added confidence on the road-worthiness of the car even if it is already a second-hand unit.

You can ask some police officers and they can attest that their cars are equipped with heavy-duty auto parts like belts, suspensions, hoses, power trains, shocks, and even the floor matting are above the industry standard in quality. If luck is on your side, you can even find a vehicle with no scratch and no history of hot pursuits in the past and fully equipped with all these high-durability features. The best part is the price is affordable and way below the fair market value. That’s what you call bargain.

In other police auction houses, they are also selling government repo car auctions.  These are vehicles repossessed by the police. Since they don’t need them and they are only extra baggage to handle, the police wants quick disposal of these units. Some of them are even newly-purchased cars and you can hit a jackpot if they are offered at ludicrously low bid price.

There are endless possibilities in buying your dream car at the police car auctions; while there are a couple of drawbacks, there are many advantages beyond your imagination.

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