Why Purchase A Used Car From An Online Auto Auction?

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Time after time, the World Wide Web continues to prove it self responsible for more and more business both locally and worldwide. Nevertheless, for some reason there are even now many people who do not consider the internet to be a possible marketplace to find and purchase used cars. In reality, online auto auctions are continually proving themselves as a viable, if not better option, to dealerships and private sellers. Take a quick look at a few of the most common reasons why more people are starting to consider purchasing used cars at online auto auctions.

1. Prices To Die For

Online auto auctions frequently prove that they can provide the very best prices when looking for used cars to buy. The reason why more and more people are selling their used cars online is due to the fact that there are only a small number of people that even think about buying online. With such an enormous supply and relatively small demand, the prices are going to be a lot lower than anywhere else. You can visit an online auction and buy a car from anywhere in the country and have it shipped to you. If you want to see the car prior to purchasing it, you can restrict your scope to local holding facilities where you can view it before placing a bid.

2. No Middleman Fees

Everybody knows that the majority of dealerships make most of their money from selling their used cars. This is because they offer very little for trade-ins yet charge a fortune when the car is sold. An online auction website makes a percentage of the total sale. Even though they advertise every vehicle as much as possible to potentially increase the price, they personally do not have any money invested in it. For example, if an owner sells a car for $450 then the website may get $45. This $45 is pure profit because the online auction website did not spend any money of their own. Whereas, if someone trades in a car for $450 to a dealership, the dealership will try to sell it for $4500. This is due to the great number of extra costs incurred for storage, commissions to salesman, overhead costs and remember, the dealership still needs to bring in enough money to turn a profit. To summarize – Online auction websites make a percentage on each sale regardless of how big or small. Dealerships are required to make a significant profit, over the trade in price, so that they can cover all of their expenses and still turn a profit.

3. Huge Variety

Since you have the option to purchase a used car from just about anywhere, your selection is almost limitless. Actually, after only a few months, the latest new cars to be released can be found as used cars on online auto auctions. When the time comes for you to make a decision, not only can you set your price, but you can decide on the make, model and mileage. When you tell a dealer what you are after and how much you are prepared to pay, they will show you something somewhat similar to what you wanted (except for being a few years older), but the price will be a good deal more than you initially quoted. Online auto auctions can therefore offer you the ultimate level of selection without the hassle of going to a used car dealer.

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